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-Ben & Jen

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Learning to Walk Again

This is Abdul. He had necrotizing fasciitis to his right foot extending up to his knee, requiring skin grafting. After days of recovering from the surgery and wound care, we finally got him a set of crutches to get onto his feet again for the first time. He was smiling from ear to ear as slowly gained the confidence to bear weight on his previously wounded leg. After several minutes, he wanted to walk all the way around the hospital with his new crutches, smiling and laughing, as he was so happy to walk again. It was hard for me to even get him back inside again. I have so many great stories like this, as I watched many of our burn and wound patients go through extensive surgeries, painful dressing changes, but eventually an enormous smile as they were given their set of crutches to start to walk again.

I was Abdul last week for a follow up appointment. He was still smiling ear to ear, so greatful to be healed. He was walking without his crutches and his wound was healing incredibly well. Praise God for these great healing stories and Abdul's beautiful heart.

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