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-Ben & Jen

Sunday, February 26, 2012


This little baby stole my heart the moment I started my work in the hospital. Mugisu walked through a fire in his local village and had deep thickness burns to his feet up to his calves. When I arrived at BMC, he already had two skin grafts to his feet. Every day, Majeed cried and cried as we had to undress and re-dress his bandages; No pain medication except tylenol, as this was the case for all of our patients.

His mother (pictured) was very strong, but some days during dressing changes, she too cried, as it was so difficult for her to watch her little baby go through so much pain. Finally, one day during dressing changes, I could see how the mother's spirits were incredibly wounded by her injured little baby. She needed to get out the hospital and back home to be with her family. I discharged Mugisu and his wife to home, knowing a lift in spirits would be the best medicine for them. When Mugisu returned to the clinic on my last day in Nalerigu for a follow up, his wounds were healing incredibly well. We decided the child needed no more skin grafts and could continue daily wound cares from home. I had never seen his mother smile so much. She told us that Mugisu will now start to learn how to walk again.

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  1. I am very proud of you Ben & Jen. Ben, you continue to bring a smile to my face as you live for Christ and testify to the joy of selfless love. Cool!