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-Ben & Jen

Monday, February 27, 2012

A Thank You

This is another great God story that I wanted to share. After working in the hospital for some time, I finally had a chance to go to a local village with Ben and the dental team. The journey out the the village was along a rocky, dusty road that our Toyota truck could hardly handle. Along the way we saw dozens of villages filled with children and community members, waving as we passed by.

Then, about half way through the drive, I saw an younger man wearing a royal blue robe running toward the car, waving as if to trying to stop us. I turned to look and instantly recognized him. I excitedly yelled to the driver "oh my gosh, stop the car!" I'm sure with the driver and other passengers confused, I jumped out and ran to hug this man in the blue robe. He had come to the hospital last week with his son, who was very ill, and with some supportive hospital care, God healed his son and we were able to send him home only a few days prior.

We could not not speak each other's languages, but we both seemed to communicate without any words. The man called his son, who was playing nearby in the village, to show me his son was doing well. It was as if the man wanted to say 'thank you'. I nearly cried. After driving through hundreds of people and dozens of villages, how did this man happen to come out to our car.

Thank you God, for healing this young boy and for once again showing Ben and I that You are near.

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  1. I am glad that you are a confident and compassionate young woman and not afraid to stop a bus when it is needed. This made me almost cry too.